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AMAA is currently in need of a variety of items for our pantry. For the list and other ways to donate click below.

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Interested in serving those in need or helping with our agency events? Click below for a list of volunteer opportunities including interning and board committees.

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AIDS Ministries - AIDS Assist of North Indiana

Our mission is to help create a world
that supports and enhances
the lives of people
infected with and affected by

Recent News!

This year marks our 25th Anniversary.  As part of our celebration we will sharing stories from throughout the years and hosting an event a month. You can read the first five stories on our Financial Page. Our current story is listed below. Please continue to check the website and our facebook page for the details.

25 stories for 25 years
(story 6)

Many of you know me. My name is Jimmy Chodzinski. As of late, I’ve been writing my family tree and its deeply touching to be included amongst the branches. It’s a beautiful image, isn’t it? Because like a tree a family is a living thing that flourishes in the summer, sheds its autumn glory, endures the rough winter and lives to grow again. When moving back to South bend in 1996 from New York, I was a stranger, perhaps a little stranger than most. At first, things weren’t always easy but in time, South Bend once again became the home and my family . Like trees in a forest, our own branches grow up to the sky while at the same time our “roots” drive down deep and that’s what’s at stake for “our” lives. Without the enduring love that supports a family, we could never hope to be the beautiful people that we can be. AM/AA is that family. They’ve helped me with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, housing, and pantry. I am grateful to have been associated with AM/AA. They are loving, caring and attentive. My caseworker even made to time to come visit me when I was hospitalized. I am not the only person who needs help. There are many that do. I am very thankful for all the help I’ve gotten. May God bless all the people with HIV/AIDS!


Upcoming Events

April  27th – You will need your walking shoes for our Annual AIDS Walk! This year’s walk will be at Howard Park and we will be partnering with IUSB to bring you some activities all throughout the week, including the AIDS Quilt! Please contact Leeah for your walk and vendor packets!! Don't forget to WEAR RED!

May 9th- A Golf Outing at Juday Creek followed by a concert with Blammo! Its only $75 a person to golf. If you aren't a golfer no worries join us for the concert at 6pm. $10 cover charge.

June 20th - Rock the Roof with Parkovash. Tickets are $10 each! There is food, drinks, and of course lots of FUN!


First Saturday of Every Month Click for more info


To find out more about AIDS Ministries history and vision for the
future, visit our About Us page.



Please welcome Tim Ryan to our staff! Tim is our new Care Coordinator.

Interested in being a vendor at the AIDS Walk or forming a walk team? Contact Leeah


Red Ribbon Rummage
1st Saturday of Every Month from September til May 9am - 12pm At 201 S William St, South Bend
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Golf Outing
Golf Outing at Juday Creek Friday, May 9th @ 12pm. With Blammo playing at 6pm
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Rock the Course
Blammo preforms at Juday Creek
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Rock the Rooftop
Join us for Rock the Rooftop 2014.
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25th Anniversary Gala
Our 25th Anniversary Celebration at Riverside Terrace
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