• 1989, the United Methodist Conference started AIDS Ministries Committee.  Michael Beatty, was appointed as Executive Director.
  • 1990, AMC began the Religion Committee, the Public Relations Committee and the Development Committee.  Client services, including intake, legal services, advocacy, counseling and pastoral counseling, and disbursals of food, medical equipment and other items, were started.  AMC also had its first fundraising event, a Halloween murder mystery where Congressman Tim Roemer was the first "victim."
  • 1991, the agency moved into the parish office building at St. Joseph Church. The Women and AIDS Coalition was started.  The first part time employee was hired.
  • 1992, the Teen Peer Education Program began and the organization became AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist (AM/AA). 
  • 1993, AMAA received its first state grant through the State of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, and began the first testing and counseling program with four local sites. AIDS Ministries also became a non-profit 501©3 with a community Board of Directors.
  • 1994, the first Women and AIDS Conference was held. 
  • 1995, the first Prevention Grant was received.
  • 1996,  AIDS Ministries established with  established the following staffed departments Prevention Services, Testing and Counseling Services, Client Services, Administration, Public Relations and Development, and a management team.
  • 1997, ISDH designated AMAA as the Care Coordination site for the 6 county North Central Region
  • 1998, AM/AA became a United Way agency.  Our first Rooftop Rendezvous was held.
  • 1999, AIDS Ministries opened a satellite office in Elkhart.
  • 2000, AMAA expands housing services with the opening of a transitional housing building. A satellite office in Walkerton was also opened.
  • 2001, the aftercare group for those dual diagnosed with a substance disorder and HIV began.
  • 2002, AM/AA was given St. Juste house.  The house is currently occupied by a family. Family Specialist Case Management began.
  • 2003, AM/AA was awarded the properties in Elkhart to use for a permanent housing program. AMAA was also selected to participate in 22 Ways of Giving.
  • 2004, the HOPWA program began at AMAA to help provide additional funding for housing.  All staff finally got computers. Michael Beatty, AIDS Ministries first Executive Director, left.
  • 2005, Sister Ethne Kennedy, one of the founders of AMAA passed away. Chris Carlin, was hired as the new Executive Director.
  • 2006, Gurley Leep with help of a matching grant awarded a van to AMAA to use for transporting clients.
  • 2007, The Walkerton office was closed. Chris Carlin left the agency and a Management Team of 5 was formed to lead.
  • 2008, FSSA decided to no longer fund HIV Prevention and Testing. AMAA lost over $100,000 in funding and 4 staff positions.  AMAA hosted a Golf Outing.
  • 2009, AMAA celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a Silent Auction and Dinner. It was a great event! We also tried our hand at a Bowling Tournament and Harlem Ambassadors Game for fundraising events. This was also the last year that AMAA was funded by the Methodist Church.
  • 2010, Partnership was formed with Walgreens Center for Excellence in HIV. AMAA and Minority Health hosted a Nonprofit Conference.
  • 2011, The agency went through a major restructuring and now was led by a Management Team of three. The Director of Prevention attended the African American Women in AIDS Conference sponsored by the IN Conference of Methodist Church.
  • 2012, AMAA was rebranded with a new logo and calling of: “AIDS Assist”. To celebrate we had events all week long for World AIDS Day including the 1st Red Ribbon Breakfast. 
  • 2013, Leeah Hopper appointed new Executive Program Director.
  • 2014, AMAA will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary!




Thanks to everyone who came out to support the AIDS Walk.

Golf Outing is May 13th at 1pm at Juday Creek


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Golf Outing
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